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Welcome to the BMC Toys Pre-Order shop for our all new set of Plastic Army Women. Shipping within US will be $5 or Free for orders over $50. Your payment will be processed a few days before your order ships.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Plastic Army Women Project: Kickstarter Reward Holiday Shipping Update
4 months ago – Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 06:51:59 PM

Hello all, this is the promised shipping update for Kickstarter Plastic Army Women Project. I'll post a separate update for Pre-Order customers shortly.

I know everyone wants to know if their stuff will arrive in time for Christmas. The best short answer I have is that you will probably receive your packages before Christmas, unfortunately I just can't be certain. Here's the long answer:

As of today over 75% of Kickstarter reward packages have already shipped. The rest are on track to ship by Wednesday, December 16th. Technically, that's within the deadline set by the carriers for Christmas delivery within the Contiguous US. The reality is, this year is not like any we've experienced since the beginning of eCommerce. All the carriers are experiencing enormous holiday package volume along with lots of tracking and scanning errors. USPS is experiencing the most problems and the carrier I have the most concerns about. It's also our only reasonably priced choice for smaller packages. Folks I know who work for USPS are telling me long delays and tracking errors have been a problem for the past few weeks and don't know if they'll be able to catch up in time. My current expectation is that there will be some packages that will arrive late. 

I deeply apologize for the project delays that have caused shipping to happen so close to the holidays. I can look back with hindsight at decisions I made that caused delays, but at the time didn't seem to be an issue. I had a good buffer built into the timeline to account for unintended delays, but the combination of delays during development, along with setbacks that happened in the tooling phase, plus COVID-19 made it extremely challenging to get the project completed this year.  

Everyone involved has worked incredibly hard to get the Plastic Army Women project completed, and now shipped, as fast as possible. The factory got them into production within record time of receiving the plastic inject molds and has been incredibly accommodating staging final production so we would at least have a chance of shipping all the Kickstarter Backer rewards in time. The factory's shipping department volunteered to help with some of the fulfillment, and even the local printer that makes the package inserts is helping out with the shipping.  I shut down several of my sales channels over the past few days to keep order volume down so the main fulfillment warehouse could work on the Kickstarter shipments.

If your reward package included any of the Resin prototype figures, please note your rewards may ship in multiple packages from different locations. I personally packed and shipped all the Resin figures, but some orders had items I didn't have on-hand at my office. I don't have Backerkit set up for multiple shipping locations, so I've added the additional tracking info into the "Special Notes" section of your Backerkit Order Confirmation page. You can get a new link to your Order Confirmation here: 

I've had a few folks receive their package and think they didn't get their Kickstarter bonus Copper color Rosie and Army Woman figures. The extra figures are included inside every pack of Plastic Army Women shipped to Kickstarter backers.  When I set up Backerkit I listed the bonus figures as separate items, but later decided to include them in a special Kickstarter edition of the Plastic Army Women bags and bucket sets. 

Please note that it might take an extra day or so after your package actually ships before you receive an email with link to tracking as I have to manually upload the files from the various shipping locations. Tracking info is also very glitchy right now with all the carriers, especially USPS. I completely understand everyone is anxious this time of year, and I really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

I can at least end this update on an upbeat note, I'm pleased to report that the Plastic Army Women are now out the 'wild' now and feedback of the finished product has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Happy Holidays,

Jeff at BMC Toys

BMC Toys® Plastic Army Women

Plastic Army Women Project: Shipping Update Update
4 months ago – Wed, Dec 09, 2020 at 08:59:46 PM

Hello All,

Just a super quick note to let you know I have been receiving so many shipping inquiries over the past couple of days that if I stop to answer everyone it will delay things I need to do to get remaining rewards and pre-orders shipped.

I will try to post a more comprehensive update and start to answer individual questions over the weekend.

Please know that everyone is doing their best to get packages shipped as quickly as possible.  

Thanks for your understanding,

Jeff at BMC Toys

Plastic Army Women Project: SHIPPING SHAPE!
5 months ago – Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 10:17:45 PM

There's lots of news but I know the number one thing everyone wants to know is "When will I get my stuff?".  We're working incredibly hard to get Kickstarter Rewards and Pre-Orders shipped so they arrive before Christmas. So far, about 10% of Kickstarter Rewards have shipped, but that will go way up this coming week and I'll have a better idea then when the remainder will ship.

The factory has completed production on all the Kickstarter edition packs of Plastic Army Women, and the Bucket sets are scheduled for final production this week. They also completed the first production of the regular tan and pink packs and are well into production of the regular OD green packs. I stopped by the factory the other day to pick up samples and it was Little Green Army Women as far as the eye could see:

BMC Toys℗ Plastic Army Women Production

All the recently completed product arrived at the fulfillment locations just before Thanksgiving. In addition to our regular fulfillment warehouse, I'm shipping the Rewards with Resin Prototypes myself, and I also drafted my local printer to ship a bunch of the single pack shipments.

Another milestone for the project is I completed all the product photos, so everyone can get a good look at the finished product (you can see the photos enlarged at

BMC Toys℗ Plastic Army Women Figure Close Ups

...and if all that wasn't enough for your post Turkey-Day update, CBS ran an "On the Road with Steve Hartman" story update at the end of the CBS Evening News last night (R.I.P. my inbox):

On the Road with Steve Hartman: How a 7-year-old won the battle...

It's really gratifying  to see that part of the story's conclusion with Vivian finally getting her "girl" soldiers. I'm hoping that small moment of 'joy in a bag' happens many more times over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, rest assured that manufacturing, logistics and shipping are full steam ahead and I'll post another progress update in a few days.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jeff at BMC Toys

Plastic Army Women Project: ARE WE THERE YET?
5 months ago – Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 07:18:44 PM

The BMC Toys Plastic Army Women project isn't there yet, but getting close.  I'm getting lots of "When will I get my Plastic Army Women?" questions.  I don't have an estimate when the troops will arrive at your door just yet, but I'm pretty confident now that every backer in the US will arrive in time for Christmas. I'm not certain that rewards shipping outside the US will receive before the holidays due to COVID-19 mail delays, but we'll try to get the International rewards shipped first. 

Production is currently in progress and the factory has already completed all the copper, pink, and most of the tan bagged sets. The OD green sets will move into final production this week.  Here's a story board I made at the factory detailing the contents of the  Kickstarter exclusive copper sets of Plastic Army Women:

BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Kickstarter Exclusive Copper Color Bagged sets

I'm not yet certain if the bucket sets will move to final packing this week or next, but all the components are ready. Both bucket sets are now getting 100 pieces instead of the planned 86 pieces, and the Kickstarter versions will include 2 bonus copper color Plastic Army Women and 2 copper color Rosie the Riveter plastic figures. 

Some of the copper and pink bagged sets arrived at the fulfillment warehouse yesterday so there's a few dozen reward packages that will ship this week.  A lot more will start to ship either just before or after Thanksgiving, and continue into December. It's hard to estimate yet how long the whole fulfillment process will take as the timing coincides with the start of holiday shopping season. I'm coordinating the logistics with everyone involved to make the whole process as fast and efficient as possible. 

I know everyone is anxious to get their rewards and I appreciate everyone being so patient. You'll get an email when your reward is on the way, and I'll post a general progress update after Thanksgiving.

Happy Veterans Day,

Jeff at BMC Toys

Plastic Army Women Project: SORTED OUT!
5 months ago – Mon, Nov 02, 2020 at 09:25:55 PM

October was an incredibly hectic and important month for the BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Project, but November is when everything finally comes together. Molding and sorting of the Pink, Tan and Copper sets are already in progress and final packaging is starting this week. Molding and sorting of the OD Green figures should begin this week as well. I don't have firm dates yet, but it looks like Kickstarter Rewards will start shipping around the middle of November and Pre-Orders around the end of November.

Here's some sorting bins of the tan and pink figures, their next stop is final production:

BMC Toys® Plastic Army Women Sorting Bins

I know everyone is excited and anxious to receive their rewards and pre-orders. I promise everyone involved is working as fast as possible to get the project completed so your packages arrive in time for the holidays. You'll receive an email when your order is getting ready to ship in case you need to make any last minute address change.

Production of the Rosie the Riveter plastic figure sets is complete and arrived at the warehouse late last week. Pre-orders that include only the Rosie figure sets will be shipping this week, and everyone else's packs have been reserved for when the Plastic Army Women sets arrive. I made the difficult decision to release the Rosie sets to general public now since there's enough inventory available and it's getting so close to the holiday shopping season. Here's the final product photos:

BMC Toys® Rosie the Riveter Figure Sets

Rosie has been a big hit with everyone who's seen her in person so far.  I'm seeing her all over the factory  on shelves and desks and told she's like their elf-on-the-shelf. 

The next update should be when we have some finished Plastic Army Women sets!

Thanks for all your support and patience,

Jeff at BMC Toys