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Welcome to the BMC Toys Pre-Order shop for our all new set of Plastic Army Women. Shipping within US will be $5 or Free for orders over $50. Your payment will be processed a few days before your order ships.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Plastic Army Women Project: Marching Forward!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Mar 08, 2021 at 11:44:57 PM

The BMC Toys Plastic Army Women project has made great progress over the past month. The factory completed the second production run of the OD Green packs, and Pre-orders that include just the OD Green packs placed before March 4th, 2021 have all shipped. New Pre-Orders for the OD Green packs are shipping every week.  Pre-orders that include only Pink (or Pink & OD Green) placed before Christmas 2020 are estimated to ship within a week.  The factory is currently molding more Tan and Pink figures so it will be a couple more weeks before the remaining pre-orders of Tan & Pink start to ship. It will be about a month before the remaining Bucket set pre-orders ship. 

Demand for pre-orders has remained high so we're already scheduling a 3rd production run. I'm tentatively planning a general release for mid-April, but may need go back to the Pre-Order system if we run out of inventory. I'm working with the tool maker and factory on ways to increase the speed of production, but it will take some time before those improvements are able to be implemented.  It's going to take a good effort to catch up with 60 years worth of demand, but we'll get there!

There's still a few folks that supported the Kickstarter Campaign in 2019 that we need to hear from in order to ship your Plastic Army Women. We need to know your current shipping address and color choices. You can send that info to

We did a lot of research about women in the US Military during the development phase of the Plastic Army Women project. Lorretto (AKA Loretta) Walsh was mentioned by a couple of early supporters and caught our attention. Not only was she was the first woman to enlist in the Navy,  she's also from the town of Olyphant, PA, which is about 5 miles from our hometown of Scranton. In honor of International Women's Day we've published an article about Loretto Perfectus Walsh on the BMC Toys Blog:

Chief Loretto Perfectus Walsh, 1917

BMC Toys has a long tradition of 'History in a Box' playsets that help teach history through play. We hope to publish a series of well researched feature articles that expand upon the Highlights of Women in the United States Military article that is included in every pack of the Plastic Army Women as a continuation of that tradition. Here's the slightly revised version that will be included in the 3rd production run:

Highlights of Women in the United States Military

Tanks' for all your support,

Jeff at BMC Toys

P.S. The Pre-Order shop is still open at

Plastic Army Women Project: GROUNDHOG DAY UPDATE!
2 months ago – Sat, Feb 06, 2021 at 02:45:39 PM

Here's a quick update on the BMC Toys Plastic Army Women:

I asked a neighborhood groundhog for advice on setting a release date for general purchase. The only prediction I got was 6 more weeks of winter and that I can expect a significant portion our 2021 garden will be requisitioned.

We've shipped out over 390,000 Army Women figures including 99% of Kickstarter Rewards and  78% of pre-orders.  Manufacturing is ongoing, but was much slower in January than expected. Production timelines over the past year have been increasingly difficult to estimate due to COVID-19 issues. 

The factory is currently working on the OD Green Plastic Army Women packs and I'm planning for the next batch of the OD Green pre-ordered packs to ship in about 2 weeks. I don't have current estimates for when the next batches of Pink, Tan or Bucket sets will be ready, but it could be a couple of months before all the remaining pre-orders ship. If your pre-order hasn't shipped yet, you can cancel if the delay is too long, just send a message to

If you are a Kickstarter campaign backer from 2019 and haven't received your reward yet please get in touch. You most likely haven't completed the survey to let us know your color choice and current address. You can get a new survey link here at, or send a message with your info to

That's all for now, 

Jeff at BMC Toys

BMC Toys Plastic Army Women Bucket Set

Plastic Army Women Project: Pre-Order Shipping and Manufacturing Update
4 months ago – Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 01:24:16 AM

Season's Greeting Everyone,

As of today we've shipped out 99.8% of Plastic Army Women pre-orders that were placed before November 28th. Many of you have already received your packages and let me know how pleased you are with your new recruits. If you haven't received your package yet, there's a good chance your troops won't arrive before Christmas. I thought most of these orders would arrive in time for the big day, but both manufacturing and fulfillment over the past 3 weeks took much longer than expected. To make matters worse, the post office is experiencing long and widespread delays due to an unprecedented amount of holiday mail, COVID-19, and winter weather. Delivery delays of 3 weeks or more are very common right now. My best guess is that delays will last well into January (nobody knows for sure).  

I apologize that the project was not completed on schedule, and am truly sorry if I wasn't able to get your Plastic Army Women delivered if they were intended as a holiday gift. The vast majority of you have been extremely patient and understanding, but I also understand those of you that are frustrated and anxious about the delay. Everyone involved in the project has worked incredibly hard over the past year, and the postal workers are doing their best under very difficult circumstances.

Most of the pre-order placed after November 28th haven't shipped yet (you would have received a shipment notification). I estimate this wave will all be shipped by late January, but if the delay is too long, please send a message to and I'll cancel your pre-order. 

Some customers have told me they are upset that others received the Army Women before them, even though their pre-order was placed back in March. Many of the Plastic Army Women you see folks sharing on Social media were supporters of the Plastic Army Women Kickstarter Campaign in 2019. Those folks made pledges that were paid for around this time last year, so they were ahead of even the first pre-orders. The order in which the pre-orders shipped was largely determined by which products were completed at the time. The packs of Army Women in the packages I just dropped off at the Postal Sorting center this evening were finished by the factory just yesterday!

Here's a couple of photos from my Sunday afternoon at just one of the businesses that helped ship out a huge number of packages this week:

BMC Toys® Plastic Army Women Shipping Out

Thanks for all your support, and patience, and well wishes.

Have a safe and Happy Christmas,

Jeff at BMC Toys

Plastic Army Women Project: Kickstarter Rewards SHIPPED OUT!
4 months ago – Tue, Dec 22, 2020 at 03:36:50 AM

I'm pleased to report that as of Friday, December 18th, 99.5% of Kickstarter Backer Rewards have been shipped. This is the major milestone the Plastic Army Women project has been working towards all year. 

This great news is tempered by the fact that although the packages shipped by the 'official' holiday shipping deadlines, the reality is all the shipping carriers are experiencing unprecedented volumes of holiday packages, and delays are widespread. USPS seems to be the most badly affected with delays of 2 to 3 weeks being common, even for very short distances. I'm confidant a lot of backers will receive their packages of plastic goodness this week, but I'm also certain some won't (and not just international and military mail). I've been shipping toys during the holiday season for the past 2 decades or so. The difference between being Santa's best helper or the Grinch's dog is just one day. This year is unlike any other for holiday shipping, and for the first time I have no idea which, are how many packages will arrive before or after Christmas.

I know many backers have already received their packages as we've been shipping rewards since the first packs of Army Women were completed by the factory. The order the rewards shipped was largely determined by which products were completed at the time. The bucket sets were the last Kickstarter items ready at the factory, so orders with buckets were shipped later than orders with only Copper or Pink bagged sets since those were completed first. 

If your reward included a Resin Prototype figure, please note that your rewards may be arriving in multiple packages. I packed and shipped the Resin figures from my office, and had some inventory on hand, but didn't have everything available here, so the rest was shipped from the fulfillment warehouse in Ohio.

There are still a few backers that didn't complete their survey, so I don't know their color choices or current address info. I didn't include these folks in the 99.5% calculation, but I still want to get everyone who supported the Kickstarter Campaign their rewards. If you didn't complete your survey you can get the link here:

Alternately, you can send a message to and I'll help you. I'll need your current address, and color choices for any packs of Army Women included in your reward package.

You might be thinking that now I can sit back and relax, but you'd be wrong as the next task on my list is to get all the Pre-orders from March through November shipped. So far only about 55% of these pre-orders have shipped, but that % is going way up tomorrow:

BMC Toys® Plastic Army Women Shipping Out

I stopped by the Printer today to sort through nearly 1000 bubble mailers filled with one or two packs of OD Green Plastic Army Women packs for pre-orders. I pulled out the more local addresses to give them a better chance of not going on a round trip to a distant sorting facility. While I was there I pitched in and packed some 3 pack boxes. I don't know if any of these will be delivered this week, but figured we should at least try. Some of these sets were finished by the factory as recently as Friday!

That's it for now, I still need to post a wrap-up update including thank you'd to the many people that helped with the project, but for now I've got to keep getting these troops deployed.

Thanks for all your support, and patience, and well wishes.

Happy Holidays,

Jeff at BMC Toys

Plastic Army Women Project: Pre-Order Holiday Shipping Update
4 months ago – Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 02:53:11 AM

Hello all, this is the promised shipping update for Pre-Orders of the BMC Toys Plastic Army Women. I posted a separate update earlier today for Kickstarter Backers. If you're not sure which you are, Kickstarter Backers pledged through around this time last year. Pre-orders were opened up in March of 2020 until present and were placed through other sites like or our Backerkit Pre-order shop.

I know everyone wants to know if their stuff will arrive in time for Christmas. The best short answer I have is if you placed your pre-order by November 27th, 2020 you have an OK chance your package will arrive before Christmas, unfortunately I just can't be certain. If you placed your pre-order after the 27th, your order probably won't arrive by the big day. Here's the long answer:

As of today over 35% of pre-order placed before November 27th have already shipped. We're trying to get the rest of those orders shipped by December 18th but I'm not certain it can be done even with the extra help I've brought into the project. The deadline for Christmas delivery within the Contiguous US for USPS 1st Class Mail is the 16th, and Priority Mail the 18th. If we make the cutoff dates, the reality is, this year is not like any we've experienced since the beginning of eCommerce. All the carriers are experiencing enormous holiday package volume along with lots of tracking and scanning errors. USPS is experiencing the most problems and is the carrier I have the most concerns about. It's also our only reasonably priced choice for smaller packages. Folks I know who work for USPS are telling me long delays and tracking errors have been a problem for the past few weeks and don't know if they'll be able to catch up in time. My expectation is that there will be packages that arrive late. If you'd like to cancel your pre-order due to the potential delay, please let me know as soon as possible. If it's not too far into the process I'll cancel and refund your order. 

I deeply apologize for the project delays that have caused shipping to happen so close to the holidays. I can look back with hindsight at decisions I made that caused delays, but at the time didn't seem to be an issue. I accounted for unintended delays in the project timeline, but the combination of delays during development, along with setbacks that happened in the tooling phase, plus COVID-19 made it extremely challenging to get the project completed this year.

Everyone involved has worked incredibly hard to get the Plastic Army Women project completed, and now shipped, as fast as possible. The factory got them into production within record time of receiving the plastic inject molds and has been incredibly accommodating staging final production so we would at least have a chance of shipping in time. The factory's shipping department volunteered to help with some of the fulfillment, and even the local printer that makes the package inserts is helping out with the shipping. I shut down several of my sales channels over the past few days to keep order volume down so the main fulfillment warehouse could work on Army Women shipments.

One problem we ran into was the first batch of single packs of OD Green Plastic Army Women shipped with USPS Smartpost tracking number that won't show activity until it arrives. It was a technical error that wasn't discovered until after the shipment was delivered to the post office. It will not affect when your package arrives. The printer helping me with shipping does a lot of bulk mailing, but not a lot of parcels and there was a learning curve with the software they use. 

Please note that it might take an extra day or so after your package actually ships before you receive an email with link to tracking as I have to manually upload the files from the various shipping locations. Tracking info is also very glitchy right now with all the carriers, especially USPS. I completely understand everyone is anxious this time of year, and I really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

I can at least end this update on an upbeat note, I'm pleased to report that the Plastic Army Women are out the 'wild' now and feedback of the finished product has been overwhelmingly positive.

Happy Holidays,

Jeff at BMC Toys

BMC Toys® Plastic Army Women